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React v0.12.2

December 18, 2014 by Paul O’Shannessy

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We just shipped React v0.12.2, bringing the 0.12 branch up to date with a few small fixes that landed in master over the past 2 months.

You may have noticed that we did not do an announcement for v0.12.1. That release was snuck out in anticipation of Flow, with only transform-related changes. Namely we added a flag to the jsx executable which allowed you to safely transform Flow-based code to vanilla JS. If you didn’t update for that release, you can safely skip it and move directly to v0.12.2.

The release is available for download from the CDN:

We’ve also published version 0.12.2 of the react and react-tools packages on npm and the react package on bower. 0.12.1 is also available in the same locations if need those.

Please try these builds out and file an issue on GitHub if you see anything awry.


React Core

  • Added support for more HTML attributes: formAction, formEncType, formMethod, formTarget, marginHeight, marginWidth
  • Added strokeOpacity to the list of unitless CSS properties
  • Removed trailing commas (allows npm module to be bundled and used in IE8)
  • Fixed bug resulting in error when passing undefined to React.createElement - now there is a useful warning

React Tools

  • JSX-related transforms now always use double quotes for props and displayName
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